P I N Q E R T O N   P O E D E L S

We are Willem and Yvonne Idema and live with our daughter Esmée and granddaughter La-Ticha in
Julianadorp, the Netherlands.
After having successfully bred Great Danes for years we made acquaintance with the Poodle and
fell in love with this phenomenal breed.
Poodles are very social animals so it’s a great pleasure to live with them together in our house.
Part of the day we spent walking with them on the beaches if the North see, the woods and fields.

We enjoy showing our poodles, and from time to time we breed with them.
The way we do this you can read about on this site.

Some years ago we met Frank and Corinda Luijbregts, who happened to share our love for the Poodle.
As time passed by the collaboration became closer and closer so in 2008 we decided to join our efforts
within PinQerton Poodles.
A very pleasant way of working together and: 4 know more than 2 as together we share
more than 100 years of breeding experience.

But be aware of the poodle-virus!

Our daughter Esmée soon became a successful junior handler and developed to a rather
professional handler doing the handling for other breeders/owners.

And, as you can see below, the virus has spred! Our granddaughter also is
fascinated by our
poodles and is training to handle them for show. First results were gained already.



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