Helper Dogs

With their great intelligence, reliability and will to please the well-bred poodle is
par excellence fit to act as a helper dog.
We have good relations with a number of organizations who train dogs for that
purpose and especially in our white male line fantastic successes were accomplished.

We are very proud about this and gives our breeding an extra dimension.



 Video Mrs. Jeannette Warbout with

 Helper Dog Beer in action.

Mick Gastmans, with guidance dog Micha.
Joelle Feijen with guidance dog Mazzel.

Hilde van de Aa with guidance dog Mattice

Kristel de Smet with guidance dog Milly.

Jeannette Warbout wit helper dog Beer
Bulters & Mekke
Jacob with helper dog Boca
Stichting Kinder Hulphond

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