Our breeding policies

We do our utmost to breed our pups with all attention for

Health – Temperament – Beauty

With all respect to our parent animals

So no old barn with numerous breeding bitches in benches
So no parent animals who have to get as much litters as possible
So no parent animals who disappear after the breeding period
So no self-filled out vaccination passports with a stamp off a shimmery veterinarian
So no unproven talk about “fully tested parents”


  • All our puppies are born in our homes and grow up there;
  • All pups stay with us until the moment they go to their new owner;
  • We maintain large enough periods between 2 litter;
  • A female get’s 4 litters at the most, in most cases less;
  • Parent animals who finished breeding are kept here to enjoy their pension;
  • Breeding males are certified by one of the Poodle Clubs we’re member off;
  • Our dogs live in the house, not in sheds, kennels or benches;
  • Our dogs have normal social lives, including walking and contact with other people and animals;
  • Our parent dogs are showed at least one time;
  • Our parent dogs are health tested according to the requirements off the Poodle Clubs;
  • Test-results are communicated to the new owners, part of the selling contract, with copies of those results attached;
  • Our parent animals an pups are fed with high performance food;
  • As far as possible we exclude animals for breeding of which we have doubts about their ancestors;
  • Our pups are chipped by the Dutch Kennel Club and are registered there;
  • Our pups get an FCI recognized pedigree from the Dutch Kennel Club;
  • In case of export we provide an FCI recognized Export Pedigree;
  • Our pups are seen and checked by the Dutch Kennel Club;
  • Our pups are seen and checked at least 2 times by our veterinarian;
  • Our pups are vaccinated and wormed according to the Dutch laws and regulations of the Dutch Poodle Club;
  • Our pups receive an International Vaccination Passport;
  • Our pups have an ISAG2006 DNA profile what gives the certaintie they are decents of the on the pedigree mentioned parents;
  • We sell our pups with a contract in which our and buyers obligations and warranty are mentioned;
  • We are transparent towards our buyers. P.e. buyers with a reservation can look into the litters 24/7 on internet;
  • After delivery we are always willing to give help ad advise concerning your new puppy.

These are the self-imposed policies we meet, in combination with the regulations
the Dutch Kennel Club and the Dutch Poodle Clubs prescribe.

That’s wat we stand for!

Yvonne, Corinda, Willem, Frank

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