Health and illness are issues that plays a role in all living beings.
Also being a breeder we can't prevent everything, but we can do what
is possible and within reason to match the optimum in preventing illnesses
and disabling defects that reside in dogs and more specific in poodles.
Fortunately scientific developments help us each time more to reach this goal.

We focus thereby on 3 points

1. Selection off parent animals

We select our parent animals based on our knowledge off poodles and genetics.
We only breed with poodles who don't show defects and for which we did, as
extensive as possible, research their ancestors to be sure there are no
circumstances that would make it unwise to breed with that specific poodle.

2. Clinical examination

We perform a number of clinical tests on our breeding animals to be sure they
don't suffer a specific defect. Most examinations are done by an
expert-veterinarian in a protocolized way.
At this moment we test (depending on the variety)
- Hip Dysplasia (HD)
- Elbow Dysplasia (ED)
- Patella Luxation (PL)
- Progressive Retina Atrophy (PRA)
Because we perform these test already for several generations in our
breeding stock the chance such a disease/defect will develop in the offspring
of those parents becomes each generation better.

3. Genetic examination

For some years the possibility arises to test animals on a genetic (DNA) level,
and the number off tests increases steadily.
In contradiction to the clinical tests the genetic tests are clear-cut:
An animal suffers of the specific disease, or is carrier, or is free.
So selection is easy: we only use animals for breeding that are free.
Therewith their offspring doesn't develop the disease, nor spreads it to their

At this moment we test (depending on the variety)
- von Willebrand Disease Type 1 (vWD)
- Neonatal Encephalopathie (NEWS)
- prcd Progressive Retina Atrophy (prcdPRA)

Following scheme shows the effects off this method off selection.

A number of the clinical and genetic tests are mandatory by the regulations
off the Poodle Clubs we are member off, but we feel free on bases off our
observations within the breed in combination with the development of new
tests to do more.

As an addendum to our selling contract for a puppy we attach copies of the
test results, so you can be sure your puppy matches these requirements.

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