Reservation for a puppy

Often the contact about buying a puppy at PinQerton Poodles starts with a
contact by phone, by e-mail or FaceBook, or possibly after you received our

In those contacts we try to determine if a puppy from a certain combination
could fit the requirements you have for your future friend.
One looks for a house-mate, others a dog for walking, or for sports, show or
breeding. Or perhaps for a helper dog.

In those contacts we soon find out if a "Pinqerton" matches your expectations,
and if the "click" and trust on both sides is there we go on.
We give our future owners the possibility to do an reservation in a specific
combination,for a specific gender and if the chosen litter has black and
white pups, a specific color.

This reservation we make final with a signed contract and a down payment.
This gives you the certainty that, if the litter contains a puppy as chosen it will
be the new owner! One and other in the order the reservations are made.

Of course, if no litter is born, or the chosen puppy isn't born in the litter we do
an immediate refund of the down payment

Most times, if distance allows it, the future owner visits us during this process
to meet us and our dogs. Your more than welcome (on appointment) and we
will be happy to tell you all about the poodle.
We never make more reservations than reasonably pups of a certain gender
and color can be expected, but be aware: mother nature rules here!

And then the exciting time starts.
At the right moment the future mother will visit the male of our choice.
28 days later a echo will be made, and we will know if there is a pregnancy.
Approximately 63 days after breeding the litter will be born.
Of course we will inform you about all these exciting moments,
and as a future owner with a reservation you will be able to see the moment
of birth of your puppy live in the internet (only Julianadorp).
And after that you can follow the upgrowing 24/7 on screen.

Meanwhile, in the 1st week after birth, you give your puppy his or her name,
which will appear on the pedigree.

In the end of the 5th week we make the connection between puppy, owner,
chip and pedigree and is your time come to select your pup. We will invite
you to come to us to make your choice, again in the order of reservation-date.
Also at that moment we agree on the day you will come to get your new friend.

Buying a puppy without
a reservation

Sometimes a litter isn't fully "sold out" before the moment the pups go
to their new owners. Simply because of lack of new poodle-owners at
that specific moment, a misbalance between the gender and color of
pups versus the reservations. Or due to cancellations.
As our main personal goal is to breed pups we can show when they are
grown up we also keep sometimes pups for a longer period here so see
their development. After we decided between the those pups the other
puppy comes, at a somewhat later age, available.
So if you're looking for a poodle puppy, you can always try to contact us.


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